can't find deep forest mines

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i found out about the new recipes and i saw fiber.
you need to extract thorny vines, but i have only 17
and i can't find deep forest mines to get some
could anybody help?


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    Keep going, you'll find. Seems you're unlucky as well.
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    Deep forest mines have been spawning in lieu of regular forest mines only 1 in ~15 times for me. That's about 6-7% of the time (and yes, I've been keeping stats and tracking my averages - best spawn 1 in 2 mines; worst since tracking 1 in 42 mines), which is insanely lower than those people claiming it's 50% of the time. The devs have mentioned they are changing the way to access mines at some point, but it's already overdue given the resources required for the newest recipes. They really should have changed the mine access before releasing recipes requiring so much of an item needed from the deep forest mines.

    So, you have to be super persistent...sometimes jumping into over 40 forest mines before finding a deep forest one. It eventually balances out to around 6-7% of them...which is 1 in 15. Hopefully your luck with the random mine generator is better than my luck.
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    the good thing is that you can usually find lots of thorny vines if you do find a deep forest mine. It takes a lot of patience.
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    Bad thing is thread was a year ago and player asked about it was last active on March.
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