Valentines Building Contest 2020 (OFFICIAL EVENT)

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Valentines Building Contest 2020

Welcome to this years Valentines Building Contest!
Due to popular opinion on a team building contest we are going to test the waters and do something a bit different.
Rather than having plots for people to build on like normal (which doesn't allow for multiple builders) we are going to host this one with realms/rooms!
The idea is that a team of builders can get together and build something free from the restrictions of the normal plot sizes and they can all take part in the building! The room should be no bigger than 33x33 and should be purchased for this contest.
Once completed there should be a warp crunch and an info bumper placed. The info bumper will prove that the build is not old and was created just for this contest. Feel free to add your team mates names to the welcome message!
The warp bumper will be the way the rooms are judged, please name your build on the warp bumper.
Once the build is all finished you simply take the warp food to the realm Valentines Contest 2020 and leave it on the donation floor for the judges to collect and visit!


- Teams can be any size, however the winning cubits will have to be split between all of you!
- You may build alone
- You can not join multiple teams
- 1 submission only
- each room can be no bigger than 33x33
- each room must be purchased for this contest old rooms will be disqualified
- each room must have a warp crunch bumper, this is how judges will visit your builds please name your build on the warp bumper.
- each room must have an info bumper, this is how we can prove your work was built just for this event! Feel free to add your team mates names to the welcome message!
- Builds must be Valentines related
- all warp crunches for finished builds should be dropped off at the realm : Valentines Contest 2020
- please do not leave warps for shops and other unrelated things these will not be viewed

Cost required to enter (prices from cubit store)

info bumper - 1250c
warp bumper - 1000c
warp sugar - 50c
empty room 33x33 - 1069c
total cost - 3,369

Some people might think this is too expensive which is why i have laid out the cost above. If you have a team of four players the cost to enter this contest works out less than the 1000c they normally cost!
For players wanting to build on their own the cost of this event is a little more expensive but still cheaper than the 5000c that the older building events used to cost!
This way we can have some really creative builds and build together with our friends, which to me is really what this game is all about!
If this sort of contest works who knows we could see a lot more varied building contest in the future, why limit them to seasons!


1st - 500k
2nd - 300k
3rd - 150k
4th - 75k
5th - 50k


Deadline is the 23rd February


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    I was going through the rooms that have been submitted so far (making extra warp food for the judges) and saw some problems.
    -There were quite a few without info bumpers. If there is no info bumper the build will not be judged.
    -Some of the rooms had older dates on them. If the room is older than February 7 it will not be judged.

    For those of you that have not turned in warp food, it would be great if you could put about 12-15 warp foods to your build on the donation table for the judges.
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